We are proud to present The Yoga Inbody

Scholarship Fund

to build a community committed to spreading love and light across the world.

I’m very happy to announce the official launch of Yoga Inbody’s Scholarship Program. Our scholarship fund’s mission is to build a community that wants to spread love and light to others. As warriors of light, whatever we gain for ourselves we give back to the greatest good of all beings everywhere - through compassion, smiling, blessing, and donating.

For more information on supporting others in their journey and donating to the scholarship fund, email us at lightwarriors@yogainbody.com.

Yoga Inbody's scholarship program is about building a community of people who are committed to giving back. If you are on going through a challenging life transition and know that your story can help others then this scholarship is for you. Tell us how you are going to pay it forward in the future and of course share any service work you are currently doing, this includes self work!


This is not a needs based scholarship, if need is a significant issue, please talk to Elizabeth privately. You can call her at 208-315-0820.


The scholarship application is due 21 days prior to the retreat you would like to attend, along with the deposit. We ask that deposit be made so you do not lose your space in the event. 


Winners are chosen by an independent committee. It would be way too hard for Elizabeth or any of Yoga Inbody's teachers to make this choice as we know you are all deserving.

Open Scholarships:

Yoga Inbody Campaign $300

Private Donation $500

Private Donation $500