2019 Schedule
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What people find as they move their body into these ancient shapes is that yoga is much more than a physical practice. It is a lifestyle.

This workshop will teach you about where yoga came from, the different elements of yoga and how to apply them to your everyday life. With an overview of the 8 limb path, you will directly experience limb 3-asana (physical poses), limb 4-pranayama (breath work), and limb 6-dharana (concentration the mind).

Throughout class you can expect to move the body, sit in stillness and learn to focus the mind. By doing this you will gain deeper insight into your “yogic lifestyle.” Elizabeth will share her yoga experience from India, Peru and Nepal and you will receive a small gift to take home.

If you want to understand the difference between Knowing, Believing and Embodying your inner truths then please join this energy collective. 

Ultimately yoga is about you. This workshop will empower you to live with divine inspiration and create a yoga lifestyle that best suits you.


Join today as space is limited

Experience Energy of Peru, India & Nepal 

Space limited to 15 people

$75 Early Bird ($95 at the door) 

InnerLit Kirtan Performance

This weekend will be even more supercharged with the Kirtan performances by InnerLit from Moscow, Idaho. These evening gatherings will be a wonderful way for you to use your new meditation skills.  

InnerLit WorkshopSchedule

4/20 - Friday Night: 6 - 9pm Manifesting Chanting Workshop 

4/21 - Saturday 7 - 9pm: Bliss Performance

4/22 - Sunday: 9 - 11: Chanting & Restorative Yoga Class


Contact Tantra Power Yoga for more information about InnerLit performances and tickets. 208-315-0159