2018 Private Events
Private events are invitation only. If you want to organize a retreat or workshop for yourself and your friends, contact Elizabeth. 

Meditating Through the Himalayas

March 22 - April 5 - 2018​

Connect to the amazing energy of the Nepali Himalayas as we journey along the trail trekking toward Mount Everest. This 8 session meditation course will provide some techniques for creating trail bliss as well as deepen your understanding of the power landscapes we are walking through. 

Contact Elizabeth at 208-315-0820 for more information

Healing Moms Retreat

Monday, May 1 - Sunday, May 6 - 2018​

Yoga Retreat for Moms of children with special needs

Contact Elizabeth at 208-315-0820 or Grace Jory at 303-631-6131 for more information

Orfino Yoga Retreat

Saturday, June 10 - Sunday, June 11 2018

9 am Saturday - 2 pm Sunday

Contact Elizabeth at 208-315-0820 or Wendi Richardson at 208-476-9093 for more information

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Yoga Inbody has experience with bridal parties, SUP board clinics and corporate meetings.  There are limitless possibilities so dream it up and lets see if it aligns. 

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