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Healing Moms Newsletter September 2019

Yoga is a four letter word that encompasses so many different types of practices. You can practice yoga by standing on your head. You can practice yoga by chanting. You can practice yoga by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath into the body. The commonality between all of these practices is brining your MIND into your BODY. The Yoga Inbody yoga traditions are rooted in the belief that the answers to life's mysteries are in your body.

Your deepest truths, most sensitive memories, and greatest gifts are unlocked when conscious awareness expands within the body. When we are in our body, our story unfolds and it becomes easier to own it.

You may wonder what I mean by "our story unfolds." Let me explain with a very recent situation.

Last week going into the full moon, I contemplated inclusion. Defined in the dictionary, inclusion is when a person or thing is included within a larger group or structure. I immediately thought about the root chakra.

Yoga teaches us it is a human right to feel included.

According to chakra philosophy ‘The Right to Belong’ is housed the Root Chakra which supports every other level of emotional and mental development. Our Root Chakra is nurtured by our mother and by the mother that holds us all - Mother Earth. When we are stable in our root, we feel connected to the whole and included in humanity. When we are weak in our root, we are unstable and feel unsupported. 

Many of you don't know me personally yet, but those who do can attest that making sure people feel included is one of my superpowers. I'm the type of teacher that makes sure each student in the room has a chance to express themselves. I am the neighbor that goes out of their way to include people in their gatherings. A recent personality test affirmed what we all already knew about me - I have a strong desire to work with and include others! 

When our Root Chakra is processing energy we feel safe and secure.

When we feel safe we have a sense of belonging. But sometimes we don't feel that way - even when we know we "should."

On my quest to discover the meaning of inclusion I talked to many Moms. Some of you expressed fear of not belonging in the retreat. Fear is quickest way to close down and limit energy to the Root Chakra.

Some of you shared experiences where you didn't feel included, or painful memories of watching your kids be left out. Even in this community of amazing women who embraced motherhood and were blessed with a child that required special care - there is still fear of not belonging. Every woman's story is so unique.

Some of our moms had a traumatic experience with their kids recovering and now present as typical and some of our moms are devoted to lifelong care and support. The diversity in our experiences and the ability to own them is what gives us Root Chakra power - and what makes it unique from person to person.  

So last week, I had to let go of some fear.

I was scared I didn't belong and I didn't have the right to share with you on this topic. I literally wrote an entire essay on inclusion - edited it twice and after too many thoughts finally decided I couldn't sent it out!

My mind was out of my body and fear was creating stories that didn't make me feel good. I'm sure we can all relate to this!

This is the beauty of it.

When we take pause, like Lindsay suggested in the last message, we allow our stories to unfold. My fear was centered around our moms reading our emails. I wanted you to feel included. I wanted you to feel safe. I was scared my perspective lacked value. In short - I was obsessing about my place in this tribe.

Then I took pause and my stories unfolded. I remembered that my heart is called to this group because I understand the Root Chakra. I understand the importance of healing our root - which means facing our fears. I reaffirmed my mission to bring the world light and the fears dissolved away.

Motherhood is at the core of the Root Chakra. Mothers are required for the survival of their children - in the womb and for the very beginning of life. According to chakra philosophy the first 7 years of life a child is developing the Root Chakra. They are developing their sense of belonging in their family - their tribe. They feel safe when they have food, a place to sleep and loving support. You offer this. I know you do.

As we move through life - our Root Chakra expands and contracts. If you switch jobs, move homes, or even switch your daily routine your root chakra is affected.

Take a moment to think of how much your life changed with motherhood. Please keep your feet firmly on the ground while you think.

I'm not sure what your story is but I invite you to let it unfold. As we allow it to unfold, it becomes easier to feel rooted in who we are and how we are. You belong in this group. Thank you for letting me serve you.

If you are feeling unrooted - please stand tall in mountain pose and say this affirmation out loud 3 times. Stomp your feet hard on the ground to send the energy deep into the earth.

I am safe in my body.

Thank you for connecting to the Earth and allowing us to support you. You are the only one who gets to experience your story and when you are grounded within the body and allow your story to unfold,  it will be a powerful tool to bring light and hope to others.

I'm very pleased to announce that Shelley Brouwer, a mom who has owned and embraced her story will be guest speaking at the Colorado Healing Moms retreat. Check out her recent book on her journey as a mom of a child with special needs here.

Love and Light,

Elizabeth Kittell

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