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Healing Moms Newsletter November 2019

Our first Colorado retreat was a success!!

All of our attending moms came in with common fears:

      - losing children/outliving children

      - what the future will look like

      - not supporting husband and giving him attention

      - not being present with typical kids

      - messing up & making bad decisions

Addressing these issues as a group each mom left feeling connected. Connecting to their personal Self every Mom is excited to return home and use their new tools to enhance everyday life. This process transformed them into a band of lifelong sisters and they already have plans to get together for pizza and inclusion conferences.

It is nothing short of miraculous what happens when we are open, honest and compassionate.


• Soaking at Iron Mountain Hot-springs

• Guest Speaker - Shelley Brouwer (Author of Because She Was)

• Receiving Mala Beads and learning Mantras for meditation 

• Reiki Healing Sessions

• Therapeutic counsel sessions 

• Spontaneous dance party and laughing until our cheeks hurt

• Yoga classes to expand heart

"The food was amazing!!" One Mom exclaimed, "This has changed my relationship with cooking and food."

Another Mom said, "This is the best food I have ever eaten - it is both healthy and delicious."

It is our absolute pleasure and honor to serve these moms and help them discover their own ways to peace and wholeness through these transformative retreats. We would love to have you attend our next healing retreat this spring in Idaho. Click here to learn more.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Elizabeth and Grace

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