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Healing Moms Newsletter January 2020

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


We are almost through the first month of the year. The year 2020 has supercharged our Healing Moms community and we are so thankful to have you in the tribe! Your stories are inspirational and are fueling a big shift in our world.

The other day, I came out of a yoga practice andI felt like I was "lost in space." My teacher and good friend snapped me out of it and asked me what I was thinking. A soft whisper left my lips, "I'm so grateful for Healing Moms."

We have heard from many of you that this community of parents is different than other support groups. Instead of absorbing complaints and miseries we are lifting each other up with stories of our personal victories and compassion. This community is about reclaiming power - not over our lives because that may be impossible - but reclaiming power within ourselves. We are committed to being action oriented and utilizing simple daily tools to help us stay in balance.

Healing is a very personal process and emotions through healing can take us for a ride - sometimes we feel like we are sitting in the front car of of a roller coaster and are dropping off the edge! As scary as our emotions may seem, we know that they are better when they are faced head on. We teach moms how to be sensitive to their emotions so they can work with them and transform them into profound insights. Let me give you an example.

Imagine you have an event coming up at the school. All of the teachers and other parents with be there. There will be awards given out and time for socialization with other parents as the kids play between themselves. Situations like these usually put you into a panic. You tend to be sensitive to energies and often times events like these drain you!

What if you learned a meditation technique that you could use during this entire event? What if you knew how to prepare yourself to go into this situation and had a strong grounding routine when you came home? What if you could look at the anxiety that this event surfaced directly in the eye and tell it that you were going to the event no matter what so it didn't need to worry?

I wish I could give you a formula to answer all of these problems. It is not that simple. There are breathing strategies and subtle techniques to help you stay centered and safe - we shared tips in the last email but we know you need more.  

The truth is, the answers are inside of you. This is why so many mothers have benefited from retreat. When we retreat we are consciously withdrawing from our daily stresses and activities to explore our inner thought processes and emotions. Our team seeks to empower you with tools and strategies to understand the true roots of your suffering. Retreats help us gain insight to why certain events trigger us and we learn how to manage ourselves and emotions when we are forced to go close to those triggers.

The Yoga Inbody team is not surprised with the success of the moms who have come on Healing Moms retreats - especially those moms who have stayed connected to their practice with the Compassion Challenge. Moms have been able to maintain their emotions with a sense of ease and calmness! One mom had a profound insight about the success of her meditation practice when she traveled across the country without her normal stress and anxiety. Moms have been taking time to relax and play with their typical kids even when they feel pressured by all of the other tasks of life. Moms are seeing hope. 

We are not surprised by these successes because these practices work for us as well. We are honored to walk this path and are looking forward to our personal retreat in Nepal and India this March. 

We return in the spring and can't wait to share the blessings and serve the next group of Healing Moms April 29th - May 3rd in McCall Idaho. This retreat will focus on CONNECTION. We will connect to the elements - Water - Fire - Air - Earth - Ether - with yoga activities and mindful exercises so you can release anxiety, free up fears and settle into your Self.

On this retreat you will connect to other moms like you and learn how to connect to yourself in the most magical ways. The yoga practices and meditations are thoughtful experiences that help you connect to your body regardless of your skill or fitness level. Plus our connection to FOOD is out of this world. On retreat - Moms actually have time to eat delicious, mindful meals - 3x per day. 

We only have 4 more spots left on the spring 2020 retreat and had 3 moms on the waiting list for our last retreat. We keep our group size small and intimate so you receive the personal attention you deserve. Make sure you click here now to learn more about the next retreat April 29th - May 3rd.

We look forward to having moms return and welcoming new moms into this life changing experience. 

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