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Healing Moms Newsletter July 2019

Isn't it interesting how just when we think we've got life figured out, we are finally in the flow of things, and things seem to be settling down - life throws a curve ball at us? I have been thinking about all of you over the past few weeks as I have had to relearn my daily routine after a mountain biking accident. 

Yes! Can you believe I'll be sporting this super stylish arm accessory through the heat of the summer? It was quite a shock for me too, but after things had time to settle around me, I am finally able to settle into my body - as it is, right now, without getting angry about what it suddenly can't do. 

That is why I have been thinking of all of our brave healing moms so intensely since the accident. Life is so much different when we are faced with limited physical abilities, and I know you see the world through a different lens as you care for your own kids whose abilities are different and vary - even on a daily basis. What incredible strength and patience you have and I am so honored to serve such a deserving group of women. 

The life you live does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I know sometimes it can be frustrating and overwhelming to have to "go back to the drawing board" when trying to figure out the best ways to support your family. What worked one day, may not work the next - and what was true yesterday, may not be true today. But you keep going, you keep modifying and adjusting - you keep finding new ways to make things work and that is an absolutely incredible thing that you do. You are doing incredible things every day, even when you can't see it. 

Want to know what I learned from breaking my arm, spending the night in hospital and having an unexpected surgery? It was trust. I've learned to trust in things that used to make me uncomfortable. I have had to trust my team to support me, trust my body to heal, and ultimately this has reminded me to trust in the inexplicable connection of all things. I'm not going to lie, my broken arm has been a hard lesson in non-attachment. It wasn't easy to cancel events and change my plans. Super small tasks have become time-consuming and challenging but the trust that I have gained is totally worth it. So today I invite you to trust that you're doing incredible things every day even when you can't see it. I invite you to trust that you're supported, even when you're tired, confused, and frustrated. I invite you to trust that you're not alone, there are so many moms like you.

Even though my summer now looks different than I expected - I am at peace. This is what happens to the moms who attend the Healing Moms retreat. They gain so much peace. I'm so looking forward to the fall retreat In Colorado. We Have five spots still available, so if you're looking for peace and need to reconnect to the ability to trust, this retreat is for you.

Thank you for allowing us to connect with you, we are so honored to serve such an incredible community!

Love and light, 

Elizabeth and Team 

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