• The Healing Moms Team

May Newsletter - Are you a Super Feeler?

We all have unique spiritual gifts and mine is the power to feel. There are times that I have so much sensation in my body that I feel like I might explode. Waves of tingles will move up my body like a million spiders spread across a ceiling after they leave the womb. I feel heat, pressure, tickling, tightness, tenderness and deep emotions. You could say, “I am a super feeler!” 

When I first realized this very special and unique gift, I didn't like it. I was OVERWHELMED and EXHAUSTED to feel the things happening not only inside of me, but inside everyone else as well. Being the person that I am, I set out to try and fix all the pains that I felt - within me and around me. Without really knowing, I absorbed heaps of energy and at the end of the day, when I wanted to rest, I would spend the last morsels of my mental strength planning out strategies to make things better tomorrow.  Does this sound like you?  

If so - there is HOPE!  

The first thing and the only thing you need is love. Love will always find a way to heal our pains, to make us feel better and to allow us to find sweet deep rest.  

We hope you have a very loving Mother's Day.  You deserve it. 

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