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4 Health and Self-Care Tips for Time-Crunched Remote Workers

We’ve all been working at home for some time now. At first, it seemed like it would be easier to stay healthy and in shape, right? But in truth, fitting in health and fitness can be more challenging when your home is also your office. There are some pretty unique obstacles that can stand in your way, but these tips from Yoga Inbody should help you get back on track.

Dress for Comfort and Success

Now we’re not talking about donning a three-piece suit to work in your home office here. But what we are saying is that the way you dress can affect the way you feel. So if you’ve been working at home in your pajamas there’s no shame in that! Still, swapping the same clothes you wore to bed for some comfy but stylish leisure options could boost your mood and health habits.

Ladies, you’ll be so happy with this remote work wardrobe tip because we’re totally going to recommend wearing your fave: leggings! And don’t just go for any legging, but a pair of leggings to rule them all that help you stay cute and comfy while working from home. Look for a pair with a high-waist and plenty of support. Then you can take your leggings from working to working out.

Build a Yoga Practice on a Budget

Hey, you know what else those new leggings will be perfect for? Practicing more yoga from the comfort of your home! Taking your yoga practice to a deeper level can do wonders for your mental health and physical well-being, especially if working remotely has you feeling down. You just need to find the right classes, pick up some budget-friendly gear, and you’re all set.

Speaking of classes, did you know that Yoga Inbody offers virtual options? Their yoga sangha classes may be perfect for you if you are looking for more than just physical movement. It’s the perfect way to get your body moving before work and quiet your mind after the day is done.

Balance Convenience and Health

If you’re working at home solo and have a fairly flexible schedule, you may have time to prepare healthy meals for yourself and that’s so wonderful! Treating yourself to clean and nutritious foods is one of the best ways to make sure you look and feel your best. There are even meal kits you can have delivered to make cooking a snap during the work day.

If, however, you have kids learning at home and a thousand other distractions, making every single meal from scratch is going to be nearly impossible. Not to mention super stressful! This is when you need to find solutions that allow you to combine convenience and nourishment. Meal kits may still be a perfect option but you can also try meal prepping on the weekends.

Take Some Much-Needed Breaks

Eating prepared meals at your desk. Fitting in some yoga right behind your desk. These two tactics can help you squeeze more health and wellness into a packed remote work schedule. Really though, self-care isn’t just something you should “squeeze into” your day.

That’s because self-care, which includes basic habits like eating healthy, working out and getting enough rest, are crucial for your emotional and physical health. Without proper self-care, your productivity at work is sure to decline, and you could even suffer from burnout.

Proper self-care simply means dedicating time in your day to take care of yourself beyond the basics. Go for a walk outside with the kids, actually, stop to eat lunch, or take a nap. It doesn’t matter what you; what’s important is to enjoy quality time to yourself. Because you deserve it, and you can’t run on an empty tank.

Your schedule may be a little hectic when you work remotely, but that doesn’t have to mean letting your health and well-being fall by the wayside. You simply need to find self-care, like health and fitness practices that work for your busy lifestyle and that help you look and feel like the best version of yourself. Hopefully, these tips will make a difference!

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