Peaceful Power


McCall, Idaho

June 24-28, 2020

McCall, Idaho

Peaceful Power retreat is a personal development, spiritual retreat for women who want a life changing experience.  If you are in need of a positive shift and want to learn technical skills to help you love and accept yourself exactly as you are, then you are invited. 


The women on the 2017 Peaceful Power retreat expressed that they returned home with a sense of calm and understanding of themselves.  They made quality relationships and found that their stories and life experiences had value. In reflection, Amy shared that this was the scariest but absolute best thing that she had ever done! She was brand new to yoga and didn’t often get together with groups of women. Amy had no idea what her body could teach her and that her mind was only a part of who she actually was.  She returned back to her business career inspired to create healthy boundaries and share her new found joy! 

What Peaceful Power attendees are saying...

“Peaceful Power was a wonderful experience. I am very new to Yoga and throughout the 5 days with Elizabeth and Mariah I felt totally supported, loved and valued. I made new friends, learned about myself and practiced Yoga on the deck listening to the wonderful Salmon River. The meals were prepared with love by Barb and the smells and flavors were terrific. I came home with the tools I have been searching for, my life will be forever richer and fuller because of this experience.

Thank you Elizabeth!”


Boise, Idaho

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Connect to your Personal Power Center

Balance Strength & Vulnerability

 Equanimity & Non-Attachment

Create Strong & Clear Boundaries 


Elizabeth Kittell, E-RYT- 500; Creator of Yoga Inbody


Namaste, my name is Elizabeth Kittell and after a few years of healing and personal growth I am now following my path as a warrior of light. I first became intrigued with the healing powers of the physical body while obtaining my bachelors degree in Sports Medicine. I was on a track to become a physical therapist but the universe had a different plan.  After graduating, I moved to the Salmon River canyon and was “living the dream” until I wasn’t.  One day I woke up and something shifted inside me. My feelings were hard to explain and I felt frustrated and alone. I attempted to keep my cool because everything was “fine” but I began to grasp for control in unhealthy ways. Yoga was the only thing that gave me hope so I retreated to Peru to search for answers.  This is when the seed for Yoga Inbody was planted. 


My first trip to Cuzco, Peru almost broke me but instead I surrendered and connected to  my highest Self. I was supported by spiritual women from all over the world. I learned about the subtle body and chose to move towards love and light. This experience created a spark that ultimately led to Yoga Inbody. It is important that you realize that I know how frustrating it is to not be able to express what is going on inside of you. I have designed a system where you will not only learn practical everyday tools but you will have time to experience how they resonate with your mind, body and belief system. 

Yoga Instructor Elizabeth Kittell

Lindsay Crowther, RYT-200, YIB Team Member, Inclusive Yoga Teacher

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I had always felt a disconnection with my body and now I had proof that we were NOT on the same page. Here I began my decade long study of mindset, energy, anatomy, and spirit. I spent five years as an assistant to a scientist turned mindset coach and adopted the motto: "Run the experiment." 

I began yoga as an experiment. It was life-changing. I had never been able to connect my body, mind, emotions, and spirit in such a cohesive way. For the first time in my life, I felt whole and aligned - like all parts of me were working together instead of out of sync with each other. 

I became a yoga teacher to guide other women in their own healing journeys. As a big Viking babe, I recognized the need for an intentional space in yoga for women of all sizes to feel safe and supported. I now work with women to heal their relationships with their bodies and align with their true and powerful nature. I am honored to co-lead Peaceful Power with Elizabeth!! 

Peaceful Power retreat is about you. This 5 day full immersion retreat will teach you how to connect to the best part of you, your highest Self. This retreat is led by an incredible yoga teacher, Elizabeth Kittell RYT 500 and hosted by the incredible Barb Kittell. Our team will hold space for you to explore your mind and body as you soak up the serenity of the beautiful forests surrounding the lodge. The daily yoga classes, silent mornings and small group workshops will teach you how to put value to the important things in life so you can love the life you have created. Plus ... you will have heaps of fun and eat delicious organic meals along the way. 

Delicious Breakfast
Organic Meals
Local Produce

This retreat is for you if

You are ready to create a shift in your daily life

It's time for change. Immersive retreats are designed to disrupt your daily life by getting you out of your routine so you can take a deep look at what is really going on inside the body and mind. So many of us know when change is needed, but get lost in what and how to implement change. This retreat will help you gain clarity on what direction to take your life so you are ready and supported to make lasting, sustainable changes for yourself. 

You are craving intimate and sustainable connection

Sadly, it is not uncommon to feel alone in your struggles during these modern times. We are a tribal species and too often we take on the belief that we MUST do it all ourselves. We cannot be Superwoman without a tribe of other super women. One of the most beautiful thing about Peaceful Power is the way women start as strangers and leave as sisters. Each retreat creates its own supportive tribal connection that lasts long after the retreat has ended. 

Hear about Kelly's experience with the tribe here.

You've already read book after book...

Knowledge is power and action is king. We believe that it is essential for you to have a direct experience with your true Self, no matter what you are seeking in your life. Practicing yoga and meditation is about the experience and application of knowledge. We can read a million books, but it is necessary to take these teachings IN the BODY to expose what is already there. Although it might seem smarter to try to intellectualize self love, Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Your therapist is falling short...

We work with the mind AND the Spirit. Yoga teaches us that there are an infinite number of ways to connect to the divine. If find yourself feeling incomplete, even after talking things through with a therapist, you are not alone. In our society we focus so much on our mental power we forget to drop in to the power of Spirit. It is through connection to our own spiritual power we can start building a peaceful, more joy-filled life. 

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Bonus Items

Early Bird Swag Bag

 - Peaceful Power Yoga Mat

Passion Planner

- Yoga Inbody Scented Candle

Free for the first 3 registrants only

get yours before they're gone!

Not only will you get an experience of a lifetime, you will come home with a Yoga Inbody Peaceful Power folder. This toolbox is full of information from the retreat. We want you to remember how to use your tools when you get home. Each woman will receive an inspirational book and a Yoga Inbody tank top. Plus you can expect awards for participation and personal feedback on your homework assignments.

 Retreat Price $1495

$300 deposit required to Save Your Space.  Full payment due 30 days prior to your retreat.  

Cancellation Policy - We understand that life happens and if you can’t come on your retreat, we will transfer your investment to a retreat that aligns with your path.  Retreat deposits are non-refundable but never expire. Minimum of 3 students. Max of 12 students. Namaste.