Healing      Moms 

Heal Yourself to Heal your Kids

This retreat is for Moms of children with special needs who need a break from the overwhelming tasks of life and desire acceptance of themselves and others. This small group experience provides space for each mom to process, share, learn and practice self love and care. 
Healing Moms is for mothers who are overlooked and underserved. They literally "do it all" and know deep down that they need to take a pause and reconnect to their mental and physical health.

November Colorado Retreat 

dates coming soon...

McCall, Idaho 4/29 - 5/3: Retreat full

Here is Janelle from Healing Mom's 2019 ... 

Our team has a strong passion and dedication for serving "one of the most overlooked and underserved communities," --- mothers of children with special needs who give and give and give and never ask for anything in return. 
Sisters Elizabeth Kittell (RYT 500/ERYT 200/Level III Reiki Teacher) & Grace Jory (PT, DPT, C/NDT Early  Childhood Specialist) were inspired to create an opportunity for these mothers to re-connect to who they are and provide some incredibly powerful, easy to implement tools to CREATE SPACE AND ENHANCE COMMUNICATION.
Grace Jory is an early intervention physical therapist who supports children with special needs by providing in home, one-on-one care. Her passion for supporting mothers of these children grew as she spent more time with families in their homes and saw first hand how hard these mom work every moment of every day for their kids. 
Elizabeth Kittell is an energy worker and healer. Mothers with special needs children have been close to her throughout her life. With several close friends and family members having children with special needs she has developed a keen sense for seeing exactly what these mothers need. Through mediation, breath-work, yoga and Reiki she can help to reshape how one looks at one's own life.  
Jon Kittell, (YTT 200/Level II Reiki Practitioner) Elizabeth's husband, is the retreat host and cook. His work grounds the group's energy with nourishing organic meals and holds compassionate space for these mothers with HIS massive heart and kind presence. 
Together their skills and passions combine to teach you how to connect to your highest SELF and embrace your journey --- past, present and future with grace and joy. 



We are honored and excited to serve you 

Join us...

to rediscover who you are and learn everyday tools to stay at peace while you serve your precious angels.

Yoga Inbody

Scholarship Available

Hear from our past retreat moms

"If you want the experience of a lifetime, to feel healed, loved;  to release past hurts and learn techniques to handle every day life - to get in touch with your spirit and soul, I can't recommend them enough."

- Becky P. - Boise, ID

One of the best experiences of my life. The Healing Moms Retreat (for special needs moms) was full of inspiration, self-reflection, and growth. Going "unplugged" and allowing myself the ability to be fully present was fantastic. So very thankful to Elizabeth, and Jon, for this retreat.

Trisha S. - Fargo, ND

Healing Moms Five Day Mountain Retreat

             What's included:

Healing Yoga Classes


- Special attention to energetic and physical       adjustments

- All levels welcome

- Evening Restorative Yoga 

- Playful Partner Yoga & Therapeutic Flights 

Morning Tea and Sound Therapy

- Awaken to the sounds of Tibetan  Singing     Bowls

- Enjoy quiet time to yourself  each morning

- Relax and ease into the day

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

- Three fresh, organic, predominately          vegetarian meals prepared with love!

- Establish healthy eating habits with       limited snacking (you won't need to!)

Private Reiki Session & Therapeutic Counsel 

- One on one sessions with Grace and     Elizabeth to help you overcome fear,   anxiety and doubt. (Value $$)

- Free time when you are in a private

Meditation & Pranayama

-Explore mindfulness and gratitude 

- Learn to listen to your body 

- Discover the process of healing and fine       tuned communication skills through             chakra philosophy 


Friendship & Community

- Build relationships with other moms          who share the same daily life as you in        a POSITIVE environment 

- Share your story and listen to others

- Create lifetime friends and a new               support network

Luxurious Mountain Location

- Enjoy your four night stay in a                   beautiful vacation home in the heart       of Idaho

- Enjoy the freedom of being "unplugged" on this cell phone free experience. 

Spa day

- Re-energize in Salt Water Immersion       Pools

- Add on a spa treatment (cost not included)

- Relax and re-connect to yourself...you     deserve it

The benefits of yoga retreats have become well known and are now very popular.  Retreats around the world with content and teachings  similar to this retreat are now priced in the multiple $1000’s of dollars. 


This powerful retreat gives you the chance to strengthen inside and out so you can return to your family stronger and more capable than ever and continue to take on life's challenges with grace.


Our past Moms believe this retreat is an invaluable experience to both you and your family. You are the glue that holds everything in life together and are worth this.  

We understand the extremely high cost of health-care, put on top of high costs simply to live in today's society. A major perk about this experience is you go so far so fast. You could spend 5 days on a retreat and come home energized and inspired or spend 10+ years in counseling, chewing on the same stress and worry.

 Mothers have also been able to find scholarship money and funding available in their community and through their state as a part of parent education programs. We are happy to help any mother pursuing these opportunities in every way we can. 

This retreat focuses on overcoming communication barriers within yourself and with others. We teach compassionate strategies so you can build a stronger, deeper connection with your self and others. Understanding Chakra philosophy will also help you connect and more clearly communicate with therapists and school teams about the specific needs of your child/children.


This retreat is an experience that continues to give. Our approach to yoga creates healing and transformation from within. 

Family Style Living 

We keep our retreats small and intimate. Each retreat location has different style of accommodations but the rooms are typically shared.  It is important that each woman feels safe and comfortable so they can go into deep relaxation where healing happens.  Room prices vary with private rooms as the most expensive and shared beds/bunk beds as the base rate.

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We will announce the final details of the next Colorado Healing Moms retreat soon. 

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What is a "lost" mother?

I want to share with you my dear friend Lindsay's story.
Ten years ago I was sitting in my daughter's neurologist office, explaining my concerns about her health and well-being. Her father and I had split up soon after her second birthday, so I was navigating life on my own, with two incredible girls - one with a severe form of epilepsy and significant global developmental deficits - the other perfectly healthy and thriving. 
I began to weep as I expressed my deep fears of her having a seizure in the middle of the night and me not knowing about it. Her neurologist, Dr. V, looked right at me and said matter-of-factly, 
"She will absolutely have seizures you don't know about and there's nothing you can do about that." 
"But what if she hurts herself?"
"She will absolutely get hurt sometimes, and there is also nothing you can do about that."
I was really confused. This was pretty much against everything I believed as a mother of a disabled child, that it's actually okay for things to happen?
Dr. V then explained to me something I had never come across in my four years as a mother with a disabled child. Four years, countless doctors, specialists, therapists, developmental interventionists, and not one time had anyone ever empathized with MY story enough to tell me about the dangerous and real "Lost Mother Syndrome." 
When you have a child with health problems, disabilities, or a combination of the two - it changes you. It makes you stronger than you ever thought you could be and it cultivates a quiet diligence and fortitude within you. Often times, it feels there is no room for letting your guard down, or taking your senses off high alert. 
This is where we begin to lose ourselves. We lose deep connection with ourselves and our body because the focus and energy is always elsewhere. We lose connection with our partners and other family members because time and affection cannot be spent on them without overwhelming guilt and worry.
 Our child becomes our life - and everything else can (and does) take the backseat.
- Lindsay Crowther
Mom to Bryte, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and CDKL5 Gene Mutation

Reserve Your Spot!

Get started with just a $300 deposit 

We will announce the final details of the next Colorado Healing Moms retreat soon. 

Join the wait list if you want to be notified first. This retreat fills fast.  Namaste.  

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