Our philosophy is that the answers to the universe lie inside the body. At our center, we are Divine. When we connect to this field of love and light the impossible becomes possible and healing occurs. 


Our retreats attract spiritual seekers of any and all faiths. We emphasize having fun because through play we access so many layers of ourselves and move emotional energy. Moving energy is happy energy. When energy stops moving both physical and mental illness form and we block our limitless nature. 


Our motto is #createspacetocenter because we believe that there are an infinite number of ways to connect to our true center.  By creating space in our bodies, minds, heart and lives we are able to align in our own unique way. 

We teach alignment based yoga postures that are available for all body types and experience levels. As you learn to align your bones, you will open new energy pathways and ultimately expand consciousness to all areas of your life.  Namaste. 

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