My Story - Elizabeth Kittell
RYT 500 - Level III Reiki Teacher - Professional Guide - Warrior of Light

My fascination with the powers of the human body began long before I knew I was on a spiritual path. In my bachelors degree in Health & Exercise Science and Sports Medicine I dove deep into anatomy (literally elbow deep in my cadaver)! I was awed by the uniqueness of each body.  We are all bound by the same general pattern but are full of individualities. 

Health as taught by western science looks at the average of entire populations and I was curious about healing on the individual level. Why did some people have better recoveries? Why were certain people more resistant to illness? What actually is perfect health? The answers came when I opened to my own healing journey. 

After college I was "living the dream" camping full time, chasing whitewater and traveling around the world. From the outside, I didn't seem broken but to be honest, I only felt WHOLE when I was on my yoga mat. On my quest to learn more yoga I journeyed to Cuzco, Peru for my first intensive yoga teacher training. Reiki found me in Peru and I started training in energy healing.

This first 3 month immersion shifted me and I set out on a new course. I still wanted to inspire the world to be healthy but now I knew that the shift had to come from within. Yoga Inbody was the result of my need to help others learn about love and light. 

I can teach you how to align your bones and create a sustainable yoga practice, even if you have injuries.  The yoga postures then become tools to feel and heal your energy body.  It is an honor to be of your service.  



In February 2020 I taught a lesson on surrendering to Divine Love and then March 5th traveled to India and was stuck there for 4 months!  This was a blessing in disguise because I met Sadhu Maharaj in Vrindavan and was gifted the spiritual name, Sadhvi. I have always known I was on the Bhakti path of love and devotion.  

With deep reverence I bow to my guru and guides for I would not be the person I am without their wisdom and loving guidance.

Keep looking for love and you will see love everywhere. Radhe Radhe. 


                            Sadhvi ~ Elizabeth Kittell 

Yoga Inbody's Philosphy

Our philosophy is that the answers to the universe lie inside the body. At our center, we are Divine. When we connect to this field of love and light the impossible becomes possible and healing occurs. We want to live a life of service and love. This devotional path turns our lives into a lila, Divine play, of receiving inspiration and then offering action based on the inspiration.  Everything is done in love and for love.  


Our retreats attract spiritual seekers of any and all faiths. We emphasize having fun because through play we unlock our personality and move emotional energy. "Moving energy is happy energy" is one of our favorite sayings! When energy stops moving both physical and mental illness form and we block our limitless nature. 


Our motto is #createspacetocenter because we believe that space allows for connection. There are an infinite number of ways to connect to our true center but first we need to create space.  By creating space in our bodies, minds, hearts and lives we are able to align in our own unique way. 

We teach alignment based yoga postures that are available for all body types and experience levels. As you learn to align your bones, you will open new energy pathways and ultimately expand consciousness to all areas of your life.  We are here to serve you and help you on your journey.  ​Thank you.