Build Confidence through Personal Adjustments & Modifications

Private Retreats

Build Confidence

with Personal

Adjustments and Modifications

Yoga is about you! Traditionally yoga was taught in an individual setting with an intimate connection between teacher and student. On private retreats, you receive personal attention to build a sustainable practice so you soften into the next level. 

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Are you a Beginner?

Elizabeth with help you build a strong foundation with the anatomically safe alignments so you have the confidence to start attending group classes. We believe yoga is for Every Body.


Are you a RYT 200?

Gain confidence and refine your skills. Choose what lessons you need to add to expand your teaching toolbox. Anatomy, adjustments, modifications, philosophy, meditation & cueing.

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Are you Healing?

Learn how to use yoga and meditation to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki energy and compassionate classes enhance the bodies natural healing powers. Empower your journey.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” ~ Dale Carnegie

The Ultimate Immersion
3 Days & 3 Nights 

If you are ready for results then the ultimate immersion retreat is for you.  Everything worth doing takes time and investing time in your body and mind connection have immeasurable rewards.  The retreat flow will be designed around your specific needs but you can click the pdf below to get an idea of the retreat flow. 

Click the button below to contact Elizabeth and discuss if this experience is for you.  Pricing depends on number of people, if you want to include meals and total length of retreat. Space is limited for these intensive retreats so start the conservation today. 

Retreat Highlights

Sunrise Meditation with Honorary Silence 

One on One Coaching to Expand Awareness

Ideal for 2 friends or a couple seeking connection

2 Yoga Asana Classes

with Hands on Adjustments

Personalized lessons &  yoga activities

Individual Reiki Session

Riggins Recharge Retreat 

 24 Hour Salmon River Escape

Do you have a crazy busy schedule and have a hard time doing things for yourself?  This is a short and powerful escape to Riggins will help you relax your mind and energize your body. Our Boise clients love it! 

Retreat includes a Reiki session, private yoga class, sacred morning wake up with guided meditation and a juicy restorative session. Many students like to plan one of these tune ups every few months.  


We guarantee that unplugging for ONE DAY is better than doing nothing at all.  When you create space and connect to center, your brain is able to find creative solutions to your problems and current challenges.  If you think you can't - then you probably need this retreat the most. Unlock the door step into your power. 

The Mini Retreat begins at 3 pm on Day 1 with check-in at 2pm and finishes at 3pm on Day 2. Dinner and Breakfast are included*. 

Click the PDF for a printable schedule of retreat. 

1 Person Retreat - $450/person

2 Person Retreat - $250/person

3 Person Retreat - $225/person

*Lunch is not provided on either day

Retreat Highlights

Sunrise Meditation with Honorary Silence 

Grounding Dinner (day 1)

Energizing Breakfast (day 2)

 Invite a Friend or Come Alone

2 Yoga Asana Classes

with Hands on Adjustments

Personalized Workshop & Coaching 

Individual Reiki Session


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Teri A, RYT 200 / Reiki Master

Ultimate Immersion Retreat - January 2019

"I was so moved by our first trip that I returned a few months later, solo for a customized personal New Year's retreat. Under Elizabeth's gentle guidance I was able to move through some difficult emotions and experience even more profound spiritual awakenings. 

At the end of the retreat, I felt reborn with a greater awareness to mother earth's constant and supportive embrace of my body. I now have less attachment to the chatter and stories in my mind, and an even deeper amount of trust and respect for the power of my spirit. I am very grateful to Elizabeth and Yoga Inbody for this incredible experience!" 

Erica G - Special Needs Teacher

Mini Yoga Retreat January 2019

"I did a 24 hour mini yoga retreat with Yoga Inbody and I've been feeling so amazing!!  I am really starting to feel a shift from the practice.  I start back to work tomorrow and feel prepared.  I've been practicing with my new tools and today I started preparing my meditation area. Elizabeth has such a gift! I feel so lucky that our paths crossed."