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Yoga Inbody offers small personal yoga adventures and retreats.  

If you are new to yoga and looking for a positive health shift ... you have arrived. 
If you are on a healing journey and want to do the work ... you have arrived.
If you are going through an identity shift ... you have arrived. 

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Idaho Wilderness Yoga Retreats with Elizabeth Kittell

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  1. The Ram House Lodge
    The Ram House Lodge
  2. Jet boat tour
    Jet boat tour
  1.   Reiki & The Energetics of Health
    Reiki & The Energetics of Health
    Elizabeth is a certified Reiki practitioner and offers energy balancing treatments on all of her retreats. Yoga Inbody believes healing from the inside provides sustainable life changes.
  2.   Meet Elizabeth & The Ram House
    Meet Elizabeth & The Ram House
    Elizabeth is a guide. She guides people through yoga practices, meditations and down Class IV rivers. Her yoga retreats will guide you to acknowledge the stresses of life and surrender to the beauty of the present moment.
  3.   Yoga Inbody Philosophy
    Yoga Inbody Philosophy
    Life is better when your mind and body work as a team. Yoga Inbody is a space where you can align every part of your body and open to the divine. This profound connection is unique to each being and is found with space and time.
  4.   Imagine Yourself Here - Daily Itinerary
    Imagine Yourself Here - Daily Itinerary
    Each retreat has daily yoga, meditation, hiking, beach time, gourmet food and wellness activities. Above all, our retreats are created and customized for you! Contact Elizabeth to request a specific retreat itinerary.
  5.   ACRO Yoga
    ACRO Yoga
    Partner yoga enables you to learn about yourself, face inner fears, build confidence and gain self trust. Elizabeth offers healing restorative flights in private sessions as well as basic ACRO yoga instruction.





Free Flowing


  1. ACRO Yoga
    ACRO Yoga
  2. Deck Yoga
    Deck Yoga
  3. Perfect View
    Perfect View
  4. Yoga Rocks
    Yoga Rocks
  5. Title
  6. Fine Dining
    Fine Dining

Elizabeth Price E RYT-200 & Reiki Master

About Yoga Inbody Retreats

  • Experienced yoga  teacher for all levels
    • Background in teaching classes to students over 60
    • Assistant Teacher for Yoga Inbound TT  in Peru
    • Incorperates yoga cross training into outdoor activities
  • Bachelor Degree in Health and Exercise Science 
    • Concentration in Sports Medicine
  • ​Reiki Practicioner 
  • Professional river guide and trip leader
  • River Stand Up Paddle Board Expert
    • Whitewater SUP & Yoga SUP
  • Motto - Work hard Play hard Be soft 
  • Believes in the power of wilderness and cell phone seperation for internal restoration and healing
    • ​Enforces one guideline - Cell phone and device free retreats 
When you are ​IN your Body, you are able to embrace the beauty of life and frankly have more fun.  The Salmon River is the Goddess of Yoga Inbody and her eternal flow guides you to surrender to life, especially if you are swimming through a rapid. 
The vast wilderness surrounding the Ram House Retreat Center unplugs you from your daily routine and  guides you to your uniquely divine center.  Through the practice of yoga and meditation you gradually open yourself to the abundace of beauty that the present moment holds. This space is yours... 
Lets face it, the food you put in your body matters.  
As you practice yoga and develop a stronger relationship with how your body processes energy, your diet changes.  
Yoga Inbody provides nourishing meals that warm your belly, energize your mind, and expand your heart.  
We cook a predominatly vegitarian diet but accomadate all diteray needs.
  1. 5 Star Dining
    5 Star Dining
  2. Food is Energy
    Food is Energy
  3. Light and Tight
    Light and Tight
  4. Cast Iron Deliciousness
    Cast Iron Deliciousness
  5. Accommodating Dietary Needs is our Speciality
    Accommodating Dietary Needs is our Speciality
  6. Organic and Locally Grown Produce
    Organic and Locally Grown Produce
  7. Dahl Bhat
    Dahl Bhat

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An Experience that Continues to Give...

"I could not agree more that such a small moment in time could lead to something so significant.  I have felt more open, more settled and more accepting and at peace with myself and who I am since I returned home from Idaho.  I know that I have been working to this place for the last two years, but I feel like in many ways I reached a major milestone on that journey when I was on the retreat and things have been opening and unfolding in amazing ways since I returned home to DC.  Those lessons and experiences I've learned and bringing some of the daily habits into my life and routine (I set up a meditation corner in my house after the retreat and that has actually allowed me to routinize a daily meditation into my weekday routine) have really helped me settle into myself.  Most importantly and dear to my heart is my increased acceptance for myself and where I am in this moment in my life.  That has introduced a feeling of peace and openness that had been missing for who knows how long.

So thank you for the amazing experience that continues to give!  Tons of love coming to you from Sophie and me!

- Megan (Chakra Inbody Retreat 2016)
Background photo taken by our good friend Jaclyn Truppi, an Idaho Backcountry Free Spirit and author of blog Idaho Heirloom